Extended services

Extended Schools Consortia have been replaced by Local Partnerships of Schools. The 9 schools in the Beane Valley Children's Centre area have chosen to join 3 partnerships, based in the local towns.

Stevenage Education Trust (SET): Datchworth, Aston, Walkern and Benington

Hertford, Ware and Watton: Stapleford, Watton at Stone, Little Munden and Tonwell

Buntingford: Ardeley St Lawrence

Each partnership will employ Schools Family Workers to support families. If you would like to know more about the support they can offer, please speak to your child's school.

Beane Valley  schools:

Ardeley St Lawrence School
01438 861284

Aston St Mary’s School  
01438 880212

Benington School
01438 869254

All Saints School, Datchworth
01438 812381

Little Munden School
01920 438271

Stapleford School
01992 583341

Tonwell St Mary’s School
01920 462894

Walkern School
01438 861285

Watton at Stone Primary
and Nursery School
01920 830233

For information about services for children and young people aged 11 - 19  (click here)

Specialist help

Sometimes children or their families need more help than they can get through school or other services available to everyone. Professionals working with children are now committed to working together so that each child and family get the best support available, and everyone involved knows what is happening. This new way of working is called “Integrated Practice” and there are certain procedures that need to be put in place. When it appears that a child is not getting all the help they need, or where there are lots of people involved, the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is followed. A form is completed with the family to assess all the issues so that everyone working together has the same information. A meeting is held, called a “Team Around the Child” (TAC) so that everyone can discuss the best way forward and decide who will do what. Improving the situation for the child is the key and the child’s best interests must always be put first. The Schools Family Workers are available to help support families who are going through this process.