About us

Beane Valley Children’s Centre started life in 2006 when Watton at Stone Primary and Nursery School (our lead agency) was awarded funding by Hertfordshire County Council to set up a Children’s Centre.

We were recognised as having achieved the necessary groundwork in November 2007 to be designated and had our official opening in June 2008, when Lord Laming and Councillor Jane Pitman cut the cake at our Fun Day. By April 2009, we were considered to be providing access to the full range of services  required and were awarded “Full Core Offer” status as a fully fledged Children’s Centre.

Since then, our staff team and the range of services offered has continued to grow. The Government has now passed a bill making the provision of Children’s Centres a legal requirement for local authorities, so we hope to be here for many years to come.

Our Vision statement:

“Our Children’s Centre will be close and responsive to families so that our leadership and innovation will really make a difference. We will ensure that services are offered in a welcoming and accessible way to children and families throughout the Beane Valley area.”

Aims of Beane Valley Children’s Centre

At and through Beane Valley Children’s Centre we aim to:

  • improve the outcomes for all young children, regardless of barriers, to enable  every child to:
    - be healthy
    - stay safe
    - enjoy and achieve
    - make a positive contribution
    - achieve economic wellbeing 
  • provide access for all families to high quality services for 0-5 year olds in line with legislation and in consultation with other agencies, parents, children, HCC, staff and other members of the community
  • support parents in their role as parents and as first educators of their children
  • support parents in their aspirations towards personal development, training and employment
  • establish stronger and safer communities
  • develop joined up approaches to service delivery and support for families  between all agencies working with 0-5 year olds

Ofsted inspected us in March 2012 and found us to be a good Children's Centre, with several outstanding features including the care, guidance and support we give to families and our ambition, evaluation and prioritisation. They also found our safeguarding practice to be outstanding, and the outcomes for the children with regard to staying safe and making a positive contribution. The full report can be viewed here.


Meet the team

Judith Wilkinson, Administrator

Judith Wilkinson, Administrator

Lif Bishop, Manager

Lif Bishop, Manager

Rebecca Evans, Play Leader

Rebecca Evans, Play Leader

Paula Beckwith, Play Leader

Lorraine Haubensack, Saturday Play Leader

Karen Neate, Play Leader

Donna Marsden, Family Worker